Healthy eating, care key for pets

March 1, 2012

OGDEN — To have a cleaner home and environment for your pet, what you feed it is important. Debbie Townsend, owner of the The Animal Park in Ogden, has found over the years what her pets’ diet is speaks to how healthy her animals are as well as how much cleaner her home can be with her pets.

She has found that for some dog breeds a raw food diet limits shedding and gives a shinier, healthier coat. Giving a pet lots of moisture in the form of water or supplementary oils is also vital. Even offering pets dehydrated foods can help, she said.

Regular grooming is also important. “Pets are just like us. If we eat healthy, we feel better,” she said. She suggests using salmon and fish oils for dogs. She said there are different options depending on budget and time allowance.

She noted that there are always allergens outside that a dog will bring back in the house, so it is important to be aware of it and on top of it. Combing the fur also helps.

Another idea for keeping things clean and allergen-free in regard to pets is to use a humidifier. “It keeps the skin more moist just like it does for us,” she said.

She doesn’t advise over-bathing a dog so its skin doesn’t get too dry, but there are waterless shampoos and colognes that are very effective. “It helps with the smell,” she said.