The Animal Park offers limitless services

March 1, 2012

OGDEN — Need a place to take your pet for the day? How about a thorough grooming? Organic treats or food? Look no further. Debbie Townsend can provide all that and more at The Animal Park.

Townsend loves animals and is always working to learn new things about how to make dogs and other pets healthier and happier.

She offers grooming, pet supplies, holistic and organic foods and supplements and doggie daycare.

“The supplements benefit the overall health of the pet,” she said.

Townsend says a lot of the dry food she sells doesn’t contain the corn and grains that lead to infection in the gums, which can then lead to infections throughout the entire body. She said keeping teeth clean is a good way to have a healthy pet.

She also likes to try new things that are proving to be successful.

One of her most recent offerings in the grooming department is press-on nails for both dogs and cats. A veterinarian came up with the idea to put the nails on cats, so they don’t have to be de-clawed and won’t hurt anyone or anything with scratching, either.

Townsend tried it with dogs as well, to prevent clawing on furniture or floors, and it has proven to be very popular.

She also uses a special kind of shampoo to help keep pets with white coats extra white.

Her grooming charges start at $35 and range up from there depending on the breed of the dog and the services pet owners are looking for. She also offers grooming for cats

Grooming can include, but is not limited to, baths, ear cleaning, a snout soother, breath cleaner, a shave and even cologne. She says she tries to make the grooming experience similar to a human haircut — topnotch treatment and not leaving the pet in a kennel for hours before or after.

She suggests that animals be groomed every six to eight weeks, but says dogs can have a bath every other week. She suggests using gentle oatmeal shampoos.

Many times, people think they will do the grooming themselves, and they get the tools and then realize it’s too difficult and they don’t know where to start.

“There is a large array of tools out there,” Townsend said regarding grooming, and it takes some training and practice to master them.

The doggie daycare at The Animal Park is also very popular, Townsend said. She has 1,000 square feet for small dogs to play in and 4,000-square-foot areas for large pets. The animals are supervised as well.

She finds that her customers love the daycare, because when they go home with their pets after work, their pets are well-rested and relaxed after playing all day with other animals.

“They burn that energy, and it’s good for them to socialize,” she said.

She charges about $20 for an eight-hour day, but also has packages available.

Townsend plans to add a training element to her facility in the fall, after she attends some training sessions later this year. She says she would like to be able to provide local services for dogs that may have problems or special needs.

For more information on the services offered visit http://www.theanimalpark.com.