The latest in screens, drop shades

March 1, 2012

BOUNTIFUL — A custom-designed screen door that virtually disappears when not in use can add convenience and function to any home.

Wasatch Retractable Screens not only sells custom screens for all windows and doors but offers shades and awnings to help cool your patio or shade any other area where the sun’s glare may be a problem.

Dan Newbould, who is an owner/partner of the company with Jim Bryson, says of the drop shades:

“They are an interesting energy saver. People are catching on to using them for reducing heat that comes into the home, especially from the west.”

A drop shade for a deck or patio can add beauty to the home as well as comfort. Wasatch has a large selection of fabric choices that are used to reduce the effects of the sun, block out light or control insects. They may be operated by a chain-drive hand crank or an automated system.

The shades can control the amount of sun that comes into your home or onto the outdoor living space. According to the company’s website at www.wasatchscreens.com, they stop up to 98 percent of solar heat rays and provide up to 100 percent shade.

And the shades help to cut down on utility costs.

A Sun Shade used during the summer months can cut your air-conditioning costs dramatically by keeping the heat away from your home.

“We started with the retractable screen door,” Bryson said. The door slides to the side, so it isn’t seen until it is needed. “It’s used for providing fresh air.”

The retractable screen door can be used on any door: singles, sliders, French doors. It comes in colors to match or complement the existing door.

Retractable screens are also used on any window in the home.

“They keep the bugs out and let fresh air in. We custom fit to any opening,” Bryson said.

The retractable screen door replaces the screens on patio doors that can become bent with wear and start to stick.

Bryson says the retractable screens are safe and easy for children to use.

“They take quite a bit of abuse. They have a lifetime warranty.”

The screens may be mounted on the outside or the inside of the door or window and can do well in any weather conditions. They provide a complete, secure seal from top to bottom with no gaps. The screen glides within the rails and has no wheels or rollers to replace or lubricate.

“Most people don’t have to have a second door for fresh air,” Bryson said.

All screens and shades are custom designed to fit any application, he said.

Wasatch Screens has a booth in the Standard-Examiner Spring Home & Garden show, so you can stop by and see them in person.