City wants to fix up baseball diamond

October 22, 2012

PLAIN CITY — The baseball diamond in Lee Olsen Park is in rough shape and will need approximately 179 tons of dirt to get it in better condition for games, the city council has learned.

The dirt could cost $8,000 or more, and Councilman Mark Lowther said it is not plain dirt but a special blend.

The city has $40,000 allotted for care of all the parks in the city for the year.

Councilwoman LaFray Kelley said the city could apply for a RAMP grant and use work that Scouts have done as a matching donation.

“We get a certain amount of dollar credit for the work the Scouts have done,” Kelley said.

“Let’s try for the $5,000 ramp grant,” Lowther said. “I want those kids to be able to play ball.”

“They have put in a lot of work — we ought to support them,” Councilman Joel Maw said.

“We can’t break the budget, so let’s get some grant money.”

Council members plan to pursue the grant with an application for the