Clearfield parks to get safer bleachers

September 30, 2013

CLEARFIELD — For their own safety, Steed Park spectators are being fenced in.

Clearfield city is assembling 10 new five-tier bleachers that include a safety fence along the top tier of the bleachers.

The old bleachers did not have a guard-rail or fence of any kind, according to a Facebook post by City Councilman Kent Bush.

“Bleachers are supposed to have a guardrail or fence if they are taller than three levels. Our old ones didn’t have that. The new ones do,” he said.

The city recently assembled the first set of bleachers.

“One bleacher done, nine to go,” Bush said.

Once assembled, nine sets will be placed at the three ball fields in Steed Park, 300 N. 1000 West, while the 10th set will go in Kiwanis Park, at 300 North and Vine Street.

The bleachers are being assembled by park division staff at the park shops.

“That saves a lot of money, having our own staff (do the work),” said Community Service Deputy Director Curtis Dickson.

The cost for the bleacher materials was $26,452.

“We’re hoping to have them in by fall,” Dickson said, “but if not, by spring.”

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