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Photos: 801 Rocks members share their creations, finds

October 11, 2017

Whether it’s just for fun, to promote a cause or to spread positive vibes, the painted rock movement has become a phenomenon in the Ogden area thanks to 801 Rocks.

The Standard-Examiner asked its readers for photos of rocks they’ve found or painted for the 801 Rocks movement. The following is a collection of those photos.

Read more about 801 Rocks here:

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Water is Life Mural

May 5, 2017

Rich Ramos designed the “Water is Life” mural for downtown Ogden. On Friday, May 5, 2017, Ramos and two other artists spent the day creating the giant spray paint mural for the Moments art festival. The painting blends Pablo Picasso’s “Guernica” with the recent protests in Standing Rock, N.D.

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Augusta’s Art

March 3, 2016

Frank Arnall, of South Ogden, discusses the art work of his late wife, Augusta Sue Arnall, at Pandemonium Art Gallery in Ogden on Thursday, March 3, 2016. Augusta had Charles Bonnet Syndrome, which is diagnosed when someone hallucinates often organic and vivid color visions. For a few months Augusta drew her visions with color pastels. Her work will be shown at Pandemonium Art Gallery as of the First Friday Art Walk of March.