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Speed Week returns to Bonneville Salt Flats

August 17, 2017

The Bonneville Salt Flats can seem like a strange place for any group of people to congregate. In the middle of the West Desert, miles of barren white landscape marks the site of an ancient dried up lake.

Nothing can even grow in the caked salt, but for one week, thousands of people from around the world gather for the annual Bonneville Speed Week.
Mile after mile of flat, packed salt makes for ideal conditions when driving hundreds of miles per hour. During Speed Week, drivers compete in a range of timed trials with vehicles ranging from classic motorcycles to rocket-shaped streamliners that exceed 400 mph.

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Pack The Bus

August 9, 2017

The United Way of North Ogden and Catholic Community Services of Northern Utah hosted their annual Pack the Bus event to collect supplies for students in need on Monday, August 7, 2017, and featured a food and entertainment for those who stopped by, at Mount Ogden Junior High.

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Rodeo on Film: Photographing Ogden’s Pioneer Day Rodeo the old-fashioned way

July 28, 2017

Every summer in Ogden, I spend multiple nights photographing the Ogden Pioneer Days Rodeo. Each rodeo is a hectic and dramatic evening in a beautiful location, often with wonderful light.

The whole thing is a photographer’s dream.

Still, the rodeo can be technically complex to keep up with as a photographer, and I usually go into the evening with three cameras and four lenses around my shoulders. Over the last dozen or so rodeos, I’ve also developed a routine of shooting from the same locations with the same lenses at the same time of night.

This year I wanted to change things up. After several nights of my usual rodeo coverage, I went out Monday night with the most basic camera setup I own. I took the old manual SLR film camera I learned to shoot with in high school (a Nikon FM10), along with a basic 35-70mm lens and two 24-frame roles of 400 ISO film.

This is what I found.