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Real Ogden: What do you think are the safest, least safe Ogden neighborhoods?

June 12, 2017

Note: If you’d like to contribute to the survey, please fill it out by noon Wednesday, June 28. It will be closed at that time.

As the Standard-Examiner continues to explore people’s perceptions of Junction City in its latest project, Real Ogden, we’re curious to hear what you think of the city’s neighborhoods.

Over the past few decades, the character of Ogden’s neighborhoods has fluctuated and evolved. Some places once deemed unsafe are now bustling hubs of culture, while others have expanded with the city’s population.

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So, whether you live in Ogden or visit on occasion, we’d like to know your thoughts on parts of the city you’ve spent time in.

Tell us your thoughts in the survey below the map. The neighborhoods marked on the map were drawn from the Ogden City General Plan’s designated planning communities and districts.