Rodeo on Film: Photographing Ogden’s Pioneer Day Rodeo the old-fashioned way

Every summer in Ogden, I spend multiple nights photographing the Ogden Pioneer Days Rodeo. Each rodeo is a hectic and dramatic evening in a beautiful location, often with wonderful light.

The whole thing is a photographer’s dream.

Still, the rodeo can be technically complex to keep up with as a photographer, and I usually go into the evening with three cameras and four lenses around my shoulders. Over the last dozen or so rodeos, I’ve also developed a routine of shooting from the same locations with the same lenses at the same time of night.

This year I wanted to change things up. After several nights of my usual rodeo coverage, I went out Monday night with the most basic camera setup I own. I took the old manual SLR film camera I learned to shoot with in high school (a Nikon FM10), along with a basic 35-70mm lens and two 24-frame roles of 400 ISO film.

This is what I found.