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Meet Syracuse’s primary election candidates for 2-year City Council seat

August 4, 2017
Doug Peterson, left; Jason Henrie, center left; Ralph Vaughan, center right; and Seth Teague, right, are running for a two-year City Council seat in Syracuse.



Story by TIM VANDENACK • Standard-Examiner Staff

Syracuse voters will whittle the list of hopefuls running to fill the remaining two years of the City Council post vacated by Karianne Lisonbee when she took a spot in the Utah House of Representatives earlier this year.

Four are running, and the top two vote-getters in primary voting — which goes through Aug. 15 — will face off in the Nov. 7 general election.

Otherwise, Syracuse voters don’t have much to deliberate. Mike Gailey, a city councilman, is the sole mayoral hopeful, while Corinne Bolduc and Jordan Savage, also incumbent council members, are the sole candidates for two four-year council posts.


City Council Race

Jason L. Henrie

Jason L. Henrie is running for a two-year city council seat in Syracuse.

Age: 44

Occupation: Department of the Air Force, civilian — acquisition program manager

Previous elective offices: None

Focus as council member: Syracuse is growing quickly. I see growth as the No. 1 issue to be addressed. All other issues — infrastructure, traffic, attracting businesses, keeping taxes in check — are subsets of that growth and require diligent and expert management. Dwight D. Eisenhower said, “Plans are worthless, but planning is everything.” We must go through the planning process, examine all options, allocate the appropriate budget, then go forward with confidence to provide services in a fiscally conservative way. I have done this daily working as an acquisition program manager and want to make sure every tax dollar is accounted for and used wisely.


Doug Peterson

Doug Peterson is running for a two-year City Council seat in Syracuse.


Age: 44

Occupation: Educator

Elective offices held: Syracuse City Council, 2008-2015

Focus on city council: I would like to ensure that Syracuse City fosters balanced growth while taking care of issues related to public safety, parks and recreation, roads and water. I will do so with a conservative budget and taxing philosophy. I will listen to and consider all voices in the community. As a lifelong Syracuse resident, citizens can trust me to make decisions that honor the past, while improving the future.


Seth Teague

Seth Teague is running for a two-year City Council seat in Syracuse.


Age: 33

Occupation: Program manager, Salt Lake County Division of Behavioral Health Services

Previous elective offices held: None

Focus on city council: If I am afforded the opportunity to serve the great people of Syracuse, I will focus on smart growth and strategic development. We know that Syracuse will continue to grow throughout the next few decades. In order to preserve the high quality of life we enjoy, we will need to make a concerted effort to avoid urban sprawl, while attracting, supporting and retaining local business and economic development. My family and I love Syracuse. We want to continue raising our daughters here, to be able to recreate here, shop here and as a representative of the city, to be able to expand employment opportunities here.


Ralph Vaughan

Ralph Vaughan is running for a two-year seat on the Syracuse City Council.


Age: 72

Occupation: Retired criminal prosecution consultant

Focus on city council:


— To continue the excellent fiscal control by the current council.
— Sustain the existing master and general plans without making any changes that allow triple residential density.
— With 30-plus years’ experience in local government, I have a pretty good idea what works and what doesn't. And an interesting observation: I have been regularly attending city council and   planning commission meetings for the past four years and have spoken on critical issues from time to time.


— Syracuse Planning Commissioner, 2013-2017, chairman, 2015-2016
— Syracuse Architectural Review Board - current
— Davis County Senior Services Board - current
— UTA/Weber-Davis Coordinating Council - current
— Utah Commission on Aging - current