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Your Town, Your Stories: Du Bui

August 9, 2017

'We love the area. We love Utah. We call it the hidden gem of the U.S.'

Du Bui stands outside of his office at the Ogden School District. Bui moved from Michigan to Utah for a job with the Ogden School District. (BENJAMIN ZACK/Standard-Examiner)

By ANNA BURLESON, Standard-Examiner Staff

Right as they moved to Ogden four years ago, Du Bui’s wife, Alexandria, discovered she had a blood clot and had to receive medical treatment.

The two left Michigan for Utah after getting jobs with Ogden School District.

“The school district really came together as far as superintendent and assistant superintendent coming to visit her while she was at the hospital,” said Bui, who’s 27. “A bunch of our school community came together and helped us feel comfortable during that difficult time.”

The two have continued to have positive experiences in Ogden ever since, though they now live in Morgan.

“We’re staying here unless something else changes,” Bui said. “We love the area. We love Utah. We call it the hidden gem of the U.S.”

After moving to Ogden, the couple learned to ski and always get season passes to Snowbasin, where they spend every weekend in the winter on the slopes or grilling food in the parking lot.

“Honestly, people when they’re skiing, they’re all about having a good time,” Bui said. “It’s kind of the air or ambiance of skiing.”

While Bui still hears about Ogden’s rough and tumble reputation, he disagrees.

“I’m from Michigan, and I hate to compare areas, but Ogden’s ‘rough’ is nowhere near the most rough parts of the United States,” he said.