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Riverdale landslide continues to grow

April 3, 2018

The Spring Creek Road Landslide started on Nov. 19, 2017. For more than four months, the Riverdale landslide has been growing. Several homes have been evacuated, tons of mud and debris have been washed away and geologists from the Utah Geological Survey expect the slide to continue expanding.

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PHOTOS: Rome LDS Temple nears completion

March 29, 2018

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced the dedication and open house dates for a temple located in Rome, Italy.

A free public open house will be held Jan. 28, 2019, through Feb. 16, 2019, excluding Sundays, according to a press release from the LDS Church.

The temple is located in northeast Rome near the Grande Raccordo Anulare and will be formally dedicated March 10, 2019 through March 17, 2019.

The LDS Church announced the Rome temple in October 2008. Construction began on the three-story, 40,000-square-foot building on Oct. 23, 2010. The temple will be part of a 15-acre religious and cultural center, according to the release, and it will serve 23,000 church members living in Italy.

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Ta’u Pupu’a: The Utahn, Tongan, football playing opera tenor

March 28, 2018

When opera singer Ta’u Pupu’a performed at Peery’s Egyptian Theatre in Ogden, he was singing less than an hour from the house he grew up in.
But the trip to that stage involved countless miles with many twists and turns.
Pupu’a moved from Tonga to Utah as a child — the youngest of nine siblings.
Growing up, his life was filled with two things: football and music.
“My parents would always take us to church, and they would always sing in the choir,” Pupu’a said. “Music was always around the house and always around me.”
As a teenager, football took on a larger role. Pupu’a went to Weber State University on a football scholarship. After two years in Ogden, he was drafted to the NFL, but after playing for two teams and suffering multiple injuries, Pupu’a left football behind and moved to New York to pursue opera.
At first, this meant working as a restaurant host across the street from the Metropolitan Opera, but later it lead into studying at the prestigious Juilliard Opera Center.
Today, Pupu’a travels full time and performs from Iowa to San Francisco to Beijing.
In March 2018, Pupu’a returned to Utah for a one-night performances with Chamber Orchestra Ogden.